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Sudeley Castle – Year 2

On Tuesday the year 2’s went to Sudeley Castle. There was so much to see:ruins,beautiful gardens and lots of rooms to look around.There was even a tower with a hole in it made by a cannonball. We all had a great time.

June Forest School -Rabbits

We went to look at our pond to find out what is living in there now.The lilies are beginning to flower and  we found lots of tadpoles and many of them have leg buds. We also helped Miss Mulcock to plant out some vegetables in our raised beds and to put a new greenhouse together. Lots of us enjoyed building dens and homes for

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School Gallery

We all loved walking round our school gallery. Everyone in the school had painted a picture which had been framed.It was lovely to look at everyone’s work.

Royal Wedding

The year 2’s enjoyed making bunting and crowns to celebrate the royal wedding.

Rabbits – May Forest School

This week in Forest School we had lots of earth to move to fill our planters ready to plant seeds. We also had fun building dens and making nests out of grass and flowers.We also used our reference books to identify the different mini-beasts and birds we saw in the school grounds.We were lucky enough to see a woodpecker jumping around on the Hawthorn

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Henri Rousseau Painting

In year 2 we have been looking at paintings by Henri Rousseau. We recreated ‘Tiger in a Tropical Storm’. In pairs we drew and painted a piece of the painting and then we put the pieces together to form the picture.

Year 2 Trip to Stanton Park

On Monday we went to Stanton Park.We started our day by looking for fossil remains and at different types of trees.We then built homes for small woodland creatures and looked for mini-beasts.It was fun building small rafts and seeing if they would float in the stream. After lunch we had great fun playing in different dens and climbing trees. We also toasted marshmallows on

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Rabbits Forest School – March

In Forest School this week we are still looking for signs that Spring has arrived. We found some frogs and lots of frog spawn in the pond.We hope it is alright but as it snowed last week, it may have frozen so may not develop into tadpoles. We also cleared the wild flower patch ready to plant new seeds.

Maths Year 2 – Measuring using grams.

The year 2’s have been learning to weigh different fruits and vegetables using grams.  

Rainforest flowers

The year 2’s have been looking at the different types of flowers that can be found in a rainforest. We drew a flower using pastels and used the design for our Mother’s Day cards. We hope you liked your cards.Here are a few of our cards ,copies of all our pictures are on display in the creative area.   .