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Forest School – Woodpeckers

We made our very own woodpeckers in forest school this week.We used clay and collected objects from the playground and field to make their beaks,wings and legs.

Reception Beach Shop Role Play

We love our new indoor role play area this term,a beach shop! It is so much fun dressing up in swimming costumes and pretending to swim with our arm bands and rubber rings!

Reception – Castles

We had a great start to our new topic ,castles.We looked at pictures of castles ,learning the names of different parts.Some of us built castles while others drew and wrote about them.

Forest School – Woodpeckers

We had a lovely time in Forest School with Mrs Murray collecting things to make our own bookmarks. They look great!


We made sandwiches with our partners this week.We learnt all about sharing and cutting it in half so we both had the same ,so it was fair . We enjoyed eating our sandwiches after for snack!  


On Monday we had forest school with Mrs.Murray. We collected lots of materials around the playground and made nests for the birds.  

Ducklings in Woodpeckers Class

We enjoyed having the ducklings in our class. They were tricky to hold but most of us enjoyed having a cuddle.

Woodpeckers -March Forest School

We did forest school with Mrs. Murray. We had lots of fun making bird feeders and going on a spring walk.We hung the feeders around the school;have you seen them on the trees around the field?

Reception Trip to Stanton Park

We had a very wet forest school trip to Stanton Park but we loved splashing in the puddles and getting covered in mud! In the afternoon ,the sun came out and we had a great time building dens for ourselves and then very small dens for the little puppet animals.We made different animals out of leaves too which lots of us really enjoyed.

World Book Day Tea Party

We had a lovely day on Thursday coming in to school in our pyjamas and sharing our favourite stories with each other.As a treat we had a cup of hot chocolate and a biscuit to warm us up after learning about world book day in assembly.