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More Jonathan’s Jungle Roadshow – Bears

Sunflower Paintings

On Thursday we painted some beautiful sunflower pictures using forks and our fingers instead of brushes!

Roves Farm

The Bears and Elephants really enjoyed their trip to Roves farm. They fed and handled lots of animals and went on a tractor ride in search of different animals and wildlife.

Jonathan’s Jungle Roadshow – Elephants

Jonathan’s Jungle Roadshow – Bears

Class Assembly

We are so proud of the Monkeys and Cheetahs who performed an amazing assembly to family and friends this week!  Here are some photos of the dress rehearsal that was performed to the rest of the school on Wednesday.

Newsletter (11.5.15)

Dear Parents/Carers, Thank you to all the parents who sent us feedback on the hot school meals. This was overall, very positive and we have renewed our contract with the same supplier for the next academic year. We discussed the children’s personal preferences and these will be taken into account in September. We have also asked to try a jacket potato option as this

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Jonathan’s Jungle Roadshow

On Wednesday this week we had a visit from Jonathan’s Jungle Roadshow.  We had a fantastic time meeting Martha the millipede, Splodge Jr the gecko and Tango the snake!

Jonathan’s Jungle Roadshow

On Tuesday Jonathan came to visit with some of his animals.We met two Geckos,a fully grown millipede called Millie and one of her babies and Rafiki the python.There is lots of information on his website about all the animals he looks after.

Jonathan’s Jungle Roadshow

On Wednesday, we had the amazing opportunity to see, learn and hold some reptiles from Jonathan’s Jungle Roadshow. He taught and showed us 3 of his animals but at home he has over 100 different animals! We saw Martha the Giant Millipede, Splodge the Crested Gecko, and Tango the Milk Snake. Here are some pictures of this fantastic opportunity. Below is Jonathan’s website where

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