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Pupil premium grant expenditure 2015/16

Overview of the school


Number of pupils and pupil premium grant (PPG) received  
Total number of pupils on roll 130
Total number of pupils eligible for PPG 24 pupils
Amount of PPG received per pupil £1.320 variable
Total amount of PPG received

£31.449 (up to 31.3.16) including £2572 additional for named childre

Performance of disadvantaged pupils compared to the main cohort at the end of KS1

(pupils eligible for free school meals or in local authority care for at least six months)


  Main cohort (Y2) Achieving Level 2 + 5 Y2 pupils eligible for pupil premium in 2014-15 achieving Level 2+ Other Local Authority schools Pupil premium achieving Level 2+
Reading 84.3% 86% 90%
Writing 84.3% 71% 88%
Maths 90.2% 86% 93%


Summary of PPG spending


Objectives in spending PPG:


The key objective for 2015-16 is to continue to close the gap between the attainment of the pupils eligible for pupil premium funding and the main cohort, particularly in writing.


This was successful at the end of the 2014-15 academic year and the vulnerable pupils exceeded the attainment of the main cohort at Level 2+.


Pupil Premium spending for 2015-16


Funding per child for this year (up until 31 March 16) is £1,320.


£300 per child where parents serve in the armed forces.


£1900 for “looked after” children and those adopted from care.


A total of £28,900 excluding additional funding up to 31.03.16.  (Additional funding of £2572 has been spent on staffing for targeted needs for pupils in receipt of this.)


£30,196 has been used primarily to keep class sizes small and to fund carefully planned and individually tailored intervention support as this worked so well last year.


Carefully targeted intervention support has been provided by teachers or TAs for individual children, in phonics, Maths, fine motor skills and IT.


A family support worker has run a series of parenting workshops which were well attended and has worked with individual families on a range of issues – £465.


Funding has also been set aside to pay for school trips (£85), milk (£563) and clubs for those children entitled to Pupil Premium (£130).


A member of staff has attended bereavement support training with Prospect Hospice (£60).