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Cake Sale

On Wednesday after school we had a school cake sale and we raised £175 for Cancer Research UK, thanks to all your help and generous donations.

The Queen’s 90th Birthday – Owls

On Wednesday we celebrated the 90th birthday of our Queen. The children and staff dressed up as Queens, Kings, Princes and Princesses, we also had a few Knights. After lunch we all went on a parade around the Junior School to show off our outfits to the junior children, bowing and curtsying along the way. The Owls class also decorated Royal biscuits with golden

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Celebrating the Queen’s 90th Birthday

To celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday, the whole school (including staff!) had the chance to dress up as a King, Queen, Prince or Princess for the day, it was lots of fun! In the morning the Squirrels and Rabbits made biscuits to celebrate the occasion and decorated them with Great British Sprinkles. They were also busy all morning making union jack bunting and flags

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Parent Questionnaire

Faberge Eggs

This week the Squirrels and Rabbits have began making their Faberge Eggs and have started by painting the egg shells with their chosen colours. Next they will decorate their eggs using their design plan, using sequins, gems, ribbon and thread.  

Butterflies in Year 2

Today Year 2 released their butterflies that have been growing from chrysalis’ over the past two weeks.

Year 2 Road Safety

Growing Sunflower Seeds – Owls

The Owls class each made a plant pot out of newspaper and planted a sunflower seed in the soil then watered it. Who’s sunflower will grow the tallest?

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