Monthly Archives: February 2017

Skipping Workshop – Squirrels

Forest School – February 2017

This week the Rabbits were looking for signs of new growth around the school grounds and planting flower and vegetable seeds.

Skipping Workshop – Rabbits

Newsletter – February 2017

Reception Role play area

This term we  have a beach and ice cream van role play area. Th children have had fun dressing up ready for the beach.

Measuring Capacity

The Squirrels and Rabbits have been measuring capacity this week, estimating in litres and mililitres the capacity of different bottles and investigating their real capacity.

Travel Agents in Year 2

The Year 2 role-play area has been transformed into a Travel Agents as part of this terms topic ‘Wish you were here’. The children have been enjoying booking holidays for one another!

February in Reception

In Woodpeckers and Hedgehogs we have been planning beans and making clay pots to put our beans in. In maths we have been looking at repeating patterns and symmetry. In reception we have also been making bridges for the 3 Billy Goats Gruff. We have made troll and Goat headbands and acted out the story outside. We have taken our beans home now in

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Great Fire of London display – Year 2

The Rabbits and Squirrels have been creating artwork for our Great fire of London collaborative display, the Squirrels used a Jackson Pollock technique of paint splattering to create a fire background for work, it was very messy but lots of fun! The Rabbits have also been busy painting and decorating boxes to resemble houses in the 1600’s which we will use on our display,

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Maths measuring in Year 2

The Squirrels and Rabbits have been measuring in centimetres this week, we have been measuring tables, chairs, pencils and even our bodies!