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What is Pupil Premium?


This is additional funding given to publicly funded schools in England to help improve educational outcomes for disadvantaged pupils.


Who can claim Pupil Premium?


Children whose families are in receipt of certain benefits as they are on a low income may qualify. Children who are fostered or adopted from care will qualify for the pupil premium as well as children whose parents are in the Forces.


Should I apply?


Yes! Your child will benefit directly from Pupil Premium if they are entitled to it. It will be paid directly to the school so that extra support can be put in place for them as necessary to help them achieve to their full potential. This could mean an extra 1-1 Teaching Assistant support for them, the cost of attending a club or being able to access the services of our family support worker.


How do I apply?


Please ask Mrs Cottrell or Mrs Cox in the office for a form. They will be happy to apply on your behalf if you wish.