Monthly Archives: January 2018

Trap a Super Villain

If you were a superhero how would you trap a super villain? The Squirrels class designed and made their own traps using junk.      

Squirrels Class – Forest School January

It was a very cold day so we looked at the frost patterns around the school grounds and at the pond, which had frozen over. We then planted some giant onion seeds,It’s not too early for them.  

Messy Play

Hedgehogs and Woodpeckers enjoyed their forest school this week.We explored and played with different materials like spaghetti,jelly,shaving foam and rice.We spoke about what they felt and smelt like.We had so much fun!

Superhero Science

If you were a superhero how stretchy would your tights need to be? The Year 2’s compared the stretch of 3 different pairs of tights. We put a grapefruit into one leg of each pair(making sure they all weighed the same). Then we measured the difference between the two legs to find out which pair was the most stretchy.  

School Council Meeting

The school council met with Miss Kemble to discuss some important aspects of teaching and learning in school. They talked about how we use practical things to help in Maths lessons (like Numicon, counter, cubes, numberlines and number squares) and where to find them if you need them. They also talked about how we should spend the extra PE money that school has been

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Subtraction – Owls Class

We have been solving subtraction problems using people and also counting back to find our answers.

Superheroes – Year 1

Here are some photos of our new Superhero role play area.

Snack Shop

This week we have been learning about money.We went to the snack shop where we had to choose our snack and pay the shopkeeper using our pennies.

Superheroes – Year 2

We are enjoying our new topic,Superheroes. Our loft are has been changed into a superheroes headquarters. We can dress up as superheroes,make superhero masks and do superhero writing.

Superheroes – Reception

We have loved the start of our new topic,Superheroes.We have enjoyed reading Supertato and making our own super veggies but we have to watch out for the evil pea capturing our super vegetables. We have been doing challenges to save the vegetables like writing our numbers,using tweezers ,making 3D shapes and making superhero capes.