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Castle Building in the Robins Class

We have been learning about the features of castles and about where castles were built and why .We used cardboard boxes and wooden blocks to create our own Colebrook Castles. The children used some fantastic vocabulary to talk about the castle features. Can you see the towers,crenallations,ruins,moats,drawbridges,portcullises and even arrow slits? We had lots of fun!

Squirrels Forest School – June

We had a beautiful day for our forest school. We went to the pond area and found that the water lilies are now in flower. Some of the tadpoles have turned into froglets,which means they have 4 legs but have not lost their tails. As our topic this term is Castles some of us had fun building castles for mini beasts and others helped

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Forest School – Woodpeckers

We made our very own woodpeckers in forest school this week.We used clay and collected objects from the playground and field to make their beaks,wings and legs.

Sudeley Castle- Year 1

On Thursday we visited Sudeley castle. We had a great day looking around the castle and grounds and finding out about the famous people who had lived there.

Reception Beach Shop Role Play

We love our new indoor role play area this term,a beach shop! It is so much fun dressing up in swimming costumes and pretending to swim with our arm bands and rubber rings!

Sudeley Castle – Year 2

On Tuesday the year 2’s went to Sudeley Castle. There was so much to see:ruins,beautiful gardens and lots of rooms to look around.There was even a tower with a hole in it made by a cannonball. We all had a great time.

Reception – Castles

We had a great start to our new topic ,castles.We looked at pictures of castles ,learning the names of different parts.Some of us built castles while others drew and wrote about them.

June Forest School -Rabbits

We went to look at our pond to find out what is living in there now.The lilies are beginning to flower and  we found lots of tadpoles and many of them have leg buds. We also helped Miss Mulcock to plant out some vegetables in our raised beds and to put a new greenhouse together. Lots of us enjoyed building dens and homes for

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Forest School – Woodpeckers

We had a lovely time in Forest School with Mrs Murray collecting things to make our own bookmarks. They look great!

Newsletter: June 2018