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Miss Kemble’s Year 1 Maths Group

We have been measuring length using cubes. We compared the lengths of ribbons and pieces of string. We used the language short,shorter,shortest and long,longer,longest.

Squirrels Forest School

As it was such a windy day the squirrels class decided to make kites and had great fun flying them in the playground.  

Jack and the Beanstalk – Reception

We have had another exciting week in reception,with lots of Jack and the Beanstalk themed activities. The children worked together to re-tell the story using songs,props and costumes. They also learned about the life cycle of a bean and have planted their own – I wonder how tall they will grow? The children have measured different length giant footprints and heights of beanstalks and

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Swindon Dance Festival

This week some of our year 1 and 2 children took part in the Swindon Dance Festival at the Wyvern Theatre. The theme was Around the World. As our topic this term is Once Upon a Time we based our dance on the song Welcome Home from James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl. Here are some photographs from back stage.

PSHE Rabbits Class

In PSHE the Rabbits class have been making treasure boxes to hold “I can….” statements. They have been thinking about the things they have achieved and what makes them proud.

Science – Year 2

In science the year 2’s have been talking about healthy foods. We thought about what makes a healthy meal. Also we looked at a variety of fruits and vegetables and drew some pictures of them.  

Rabbits Forest School

In Forest School we had a look at the trees and thought about how they are different in winter.Some plants had died but we went looking for things that were still living. As part of our topic ‘Once Upon A Time’ we have been learning about the legend of Robin Hood.After break we built dens for Robin Hood out of sticks,leaves and logs and

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Police Visit – Rabbits

Today a Police Officer and a Community Support Officer came to visit us in school. They read us a story about what happened to a little girl who was lost in a shop.We talked about what to do if we were lost. Then they showed us some of the equipment they use..

Police Visit – Squirrels

Today a Police Officer and a Community Support Officer came to school. They talked to us about what to do if we are lost. Then they showed us some of the equipment they use.  

PSHE Squirrels

Squirrels class have been identifying their successes and talking about things which make them feel proud. They have made beautiful treasure chests to hold “I can…” statements.