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Year Group:Year 1     Teachers:Miss Kemble and Mrs.Murray

Welcome from the new Badgers class - September 2020

We had a visit from a group of doctors and trainee doctors. They showed us how to use a stethoscope and how to bandage each other. Some of us dressed up in hospital scrubs too.

In RE , we acted out the story of The Lost Sheep and thought about how the shepherd was feeling throughout the story.

We enjoyed dressing up and telling our favourite jokes on Red Nose day.

Red Nose day

This week in Maths we have been learning about capacity and volume. We have been looking at mathematical language empty, half full and full. Also at how many cups of water are needed to fill different containers. We all had a great time learning outside.
The Robins and Badgers enjoyed looking at lots of different books on World Book Day.
In Forest school we have been creating a habitat for the Gruffalo.
This week we have been learning about the four countries that make up the United Kingdom. Today we used Lego to create different landmarks found in London.
Robins and Badgers enjoyed a morning of Forest School. Because of all the rain we have had,we had incredibly muddy puddles which we enjoyed jumping in! We were bird watching today and counting the number of birds we saw. We decided to make birds nests using sticks and wool.

We hope you enjoy looking at these photos from our Christmas Party on 16th December 2020. We had a lovely lunch in our classroom, complete with crackers and hats, then had fun playing games in the afternoon


There are also some photographs of our Maths work. We were working on place value ,using apparatus such as sticks of tens and ones,Numicon and ten grids.