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Sports Day

Last Friday we had our school’s Sports Day, we all were in teams and were names of countries. After all our sporting activities, We had a presentation where the best Sportsman in each team received a medal and the winning team was announced which was Portugal!  

Teddy Bears Picnic

Making Aeroplanes

This week the Elephants have made their own aeroplanes!

Bears Forest School

Year 1 trip to Butterfly World

On Wednesday, the Cheetahs and the Monkeys went to Butterfly World. To begin with, we went into the butterfly/moth house and learnt about their life cycle. Then we went hunting for a couple of the butterflies that the lady had talked about by firstly looking for the caterpillar/ chrysalis on the plant that they like to eat. After learning about butterflies, we were lucky

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Choir – Infant Music Festival

The choir performed at the Oasis Leisure Centre with lots of other Swindon Schools. Their singing was amazing and we were all very proud of them. They looked fantastic in their bowler hats!

Year 2 Maths Cluster Morning

This week some of the Year 2 children got the chance to go over to the Junior school to work with children from other schools to take part in a maths morning. Colebrook Infants had a child in both of the winning teams!

Elephants Forest School

This week the Elephants have been out exploring our outside area with Miss Mulcock.

Making Kites

This week the bears have been designing and making Kites.

Papier Mache Balloons

As part of the schools Up in the air topic, the Monkeys have been creating papier mache balloons.