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Rabbits Forest School – July

The Rabbits class enjoyed their last Forest school with Miss Mulcock. They inspected the seeds they had planted in the Spring and found a variety of vegetables and flowers had grown well in the raised beds.The water level in the pond had dropped because of the hot weather,so they helped to fill it from their own pond made from logs and a tarpaulin.They found

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Year 2 Forest School Trip

The year 2’s went to Warnedge woods in Wanborough .They enjoyed pond dipping and searching for mini beasts in the meadow. they also build some fabulous dens using branches and tarpaulins.

Building Bridges

The Rabbits and Squirrels classes have been looking at different types of bridges from around the world.They have sketched some famous bridges and built there own using junk.

Junk Houses

We have been building houses for mice using junk.

Forest School

The Rabbits class enjoyed looking for mini-beasts and finding out where they liked to live.They also checked the pond area where they found some frogs ans tadpoles.They also made some mini-beast houses.

Chick diaries

Last week 10 living eggs were bought to school in an incubator.The children have enjoyed watching them all hatch and learning about the chicks. They are being looked after in the reception class and are growing very quickly.  

Maths Puzzle Morning

African Artifacts

As part of their ‘Wish you were here’ topic, the children have been looking at and drawing African Artifacts.

Crispy Cake Making for Easter

Forest School – Rabbits