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Cotswold Wildlife Park – Mrs Cleary’s Year 2 Group

We had a great day at Cotswold Wildlife park. We enjoyed looking at all the animals and especially finding out about some of the animals who come from Africa which is our topic for next term.  

Science Day

The year 1’s and 2’s enjoyed a science day on Monday. They took part in 4 different activities: 1.Making balloon powered cars. 2.Making gliders and aeroplanes. 3.Learning about how our sense of smell works and guessing the identity of 16 different foods and liquids by just using our noses. 4.An I Spy Scavenger hunt around the school grounds looking for different animals and plants.

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Forest School – Rabbits Class

We have been thinking about what happens to rubbish if it is buried in a landfill site. We have put different materials in a pot and covered them with earth and we are going to see what has happened after a few weeks.

Jigsaw – Year 2

Rabbits and Squirrels have been learning about how medicines can be used to keep us healthy and make us feel better when we’re poorly.

Recycled Sculptures

As part of this term’s topic the Rabbits class have been looking at recycling. They enjoyed designing and making their own sculptures using recycled materials.

Red Nose Day – Rabbits

We all enjoyed wearing red for Red Nose Day.

Year 2- Maths

In Year 2 this week we have been learning how to measure things in centimetres. We had great fun measuring different items we found around our classroom with a ruler and measuring each other with a tape.

Science – Rabbits Class

This week we have been looking at the properties of different materials. Can it be stretched,twisted,squashed or bent?

World Book day – Rabbits

We all enjoyed sharing our favourite books on World Book Day. We all dressed in our pyjamas , made our own books and had a hot chocolate drink.  

Rabbits’ Forest School – March

We enjoyed going outside and looking for signs of spring . As this week was really warm a lot of our trees had started to sprout new leaves or blossom. The daffodils by the pond are out and we also have some crocuses in the beds outside our classroom.