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Drama – Mrs Shakespeare’s Group

If you were stranded on a dessert island what would you need to do to survive? Build a shelter, a fire or find food? Mrs Shakespeare’s group thought about what they would need to do first . They acted out their ideas for their classmates to guess what they were doing .  

Fire Safety

The year two’s had a visit from a lady from the fire brigade today. She taught them how to make an emergency telephone call and what to do if there is a fire in your house.They learned about the stop,drop and roll technique. Some of them tried on some fire brigade uniforms ,they were very heavy.

Cotswold Wildlife Park – Mrs Cleary’s Year 2 Group

We had a great day at Cotswold Wildlife park. We enjoyed looking at all the animals and especially finding out about some of the animals who come from Africa which is our topic for next term.  

Science Day

The year 1’s and 2’s enjoyed a science day on Monday. They took part in 4 different activities: 1.Making balloon powered cars. 2.Making gliders and aeroplanes. 3.Learning about how our sense of smell works and guessing the identity of 16 different foods and liquids by just using our noses. 4.An I Spy Scavenger hunt around the school grounds looking for different animals and plants.

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English – Mrs. Shakespeare’s Group

We have been using the I pads to research information about ducks and ducklings. We are going to use the information to make our own facts files.

Year 2- Maths

In Year 2 this week we have been learning how to measure things in centimetres. We had great fun measuring different items we found around our classroom with a ruler and measuring each other with a tape.

Mythical Creatures – Robins Class

Here are our wonderful mythical creatures.We designed them first by mixing up different animals then used a collage technique to create colour and texture.

Miss Kemble’s Year 1 Maths Group

We have been measuring length using cubes. We compared the lengths of ribbons and pieces of string. We used the language short,shorter,shortest and long,longer,longest.

A Christmas Recipe – Robins

We hope you all enjoyed our class performance of A Christmas Recipe. Here are some cast photos.

Year One Maths

In our Year 1 Maths lesson we have been developing a secure understanding of the value of each digit in two digit numbers. If you would like to try a place value challenge at home have a go at this! Use two of the numbers below to make a number greater than 50. Use two of the numbers to make a number less than

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