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New School Governor

School Council met one of our new school governors today, Mr Colin Green. They explained what the role of the school council is and how they came to be elected and represent their class. They told Mr Green about Safer Internet Day  and about what decisions they had helped to make about lunchtimes.

School Council Meeting

The school council met with Miss Kemble to discuss some important aspects of teaching and learning in school. They talked about how we use practical things to help in Maths lessons (like Numicon, counter, cubes, numberlines and number squares) and where to find them if you need them. They also talked about how we should spend the extra PE money that school has been

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Colebrook’s Got Talent

Members of the School Council took on the difficult job of judging the talent contest. They took their responsibility very seriously and made sure that the scores were fair. The overall winner was Leo who danced to music from the Jungle Book.

Open Day

Some members of the School Council helped to show visitors around on the Open Day. They answered questions about the school and took their responsibilities seriously.

Safety Survey

The school council met with Mrs Hodkinson and Mrs Turner (the external safeguarding advisor). They discussed safeguarding in school and took part in a safety survey to inform the school safeguarding audit. Mrs Turner was very impressed with their knowledge and understanding and was complimentary about their speaking and listening skills.

Voting for school council

In class we have been learning about democracy and children voted for their class representatives on the school council. Miss Kemble introduced them to everyone in assembly and explained that they will be holding their first meeting next week. They will have an important role in helping Mrs Hodkinson to make decisions and choices for the school.

School Council Meeting – 8th Feb 2017

Autumn, Oisin, Archie, Lexie, Tenniqka, Lola, Lewis, Alfie Mr Higgins, our new school governor visited today to see the school in action. He looked around with Mrs Hodkinson then he met with the school council to find out more about what they do. Tenniqka chaired the meeting today. She asked each school councillor to introduce themselves and say which class they were in. Then

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