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Year group:Year 2  Teacher:Mrs.Cleary

Welcome from our new Rabbits class - September 2020

We checked on our seeds today during Forest School, we have lots of lettuces growing and some pea pods are developing. Also our potatoes have started to flower. Because of all the rain there are also a lot of weeds luckily some are being eaten by caterpillars.

We learned about food chains and sorted animals and plants into the correct places in the food pyramids.

In Forest School we checked on the Horse Chestnut tree and could see that some conkers are now forming where the flowers had been. We also found lots of tiny froglets in the long grass by the pond and made clay mini beasts.

In Forest School we have been making pictures of habitats using natural materials .On such a hot day it was lovely to have a chill on the grass at the end of the session.

In Forest School we were looking for things that were alive, things that had been alive and things that were never alive. We also checked on all our seeds and everything is growing well. We are looking forward to seeing whether we have grown an enormous radish!

We have been designing bridges and then making them out of paper. We are going to test them to see which design holds the most weight and for how long.

In Forest School we have been making animal and insect dens.

In Science we have been looking at different materials to see which ones were the most hardwearing. We used sandpaper to rub different materials and our results were not as we predicted.

What a rainy afternoon for Forest School! We were able to check on our seeds which have grown so much from last week. Also we were made clay tiles by pressing flowers and leaves on to them to make patterns.

We had a busy Forest School this week. We checked our seeds ,some are growing, and planted some seed potatoes. We watched the clouds fly by, as it was such a windy day and make little paintbrushes from natural materials.

We investigated how rigid different materials were by placing a weight on them and seeming if they would bend.

Today we had a visit from a group of doctors and trainee doctors who told us about the NHS. We had a great time trying on scrubs, using stethoscopes , bandaging each other and taking part in a quiz.

Some of our seeds have started to grow so we decided to plant out the seedlings into the raised beds. We also planted some more seeds straight into the soil. We had to water them a lot as the beds were very dry.

In Forest school we had a look at the seeds we planted before Easter. The peas and sunflowers have started to grow but some of our seeds have been eaten ,probably by birds! When they are a bit bigger we will plant them out in our raised beds.

We looked for different flowers and leaves and enjoyed drawing them.

Science Week - In the last few days of term we did lots of science experiments.

 . We looked at how shadows are made.

. We made huge bubbles using hoops.

 . We made paper aeroplanes and looked at which one flew the furthest.

 . We made bridges to carry a small car.

 . Long runs with dominoes.

 . Colourful rainbows on absorbent paper using felt tip pens and water.

It was great fun and we finished the week with a zoom call from Jonathon's Jungle Roadshow. 

In Forest School we were building nests using twigs, leaves, flowers and mud. We also had a look at all the flowers and blossom that has emerged in the last week.
Today we went to the pond to see if we could see any signs of new life. There are lots of daffodils but it's possibly a bit early for frogs. We also looked for insects in the hedgerows.
We enjoyed dressing up and sharing our favourite jokes on Red Nose day.
We are watching the changes in our Horse Chestnut tree every week, this week some leaves have started to appear. We have been planting a variety of seeds in small pots ready to plant out in our flower and vegetable beds. We also built a den using branches which have broken off our Willow trees in the windy weather.
In Forest School we have been concentrating on clearing the raised beds ready for planting. We tried to avoid digging up the crocuses and daffodils that are growing in them.

What can you make from sticks and string? A colourful stick, a sword and a snowflake.

The Squirrels and Rabbits joined with other Blue Kite Schools for the  Virtual Lockdown Games. They were spilt into 4 teams Higher, Longer ,Faster and Stronger and earned points from various sporting challenges. All the points were added together from all the schools. We had a great time and look forward to joining together for more events in the future.

In Forest school today we are continuing to look for signs of new life.This conker is sprouting so we will plant it to see if we can grow a new Horse Chestnut tree.

This mushroom is growing on some dead wood. These should not be eaten as they are poisonous.

 We tried to encourage the worms to come to the surface by stamping on the ground (we were pretending to be a rain shower). Next we built some wormeries using layers of sand, soil, compost and leaves and added our worms.

In Forest school this week we looked at what makes up soil. We found it is formed from stones, sand, clay, leaves and bark.

We mixed sand, compost, clay and water to make our own soil and used it to make mud faces to stick on the fence.

Rabbits and Squirrels enjoyed a warm, sunny Forest school today. We looked for signs of spring around the grounds and found crocus, daffodils and blossom out. This is great news for the bumble bees we spotted flying around.

We also collected a plant called Cleavers or Goose Grass which can be made into a drink with apple juice. You have to wash it thoroughly, crush it in a pestle and mortar and then mix it with the apple juice. It smelt like fresh grass, some people tried it and thought it was delicious.