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Year group:Year 2  Teacher:Mrs.Cleary

Welcome from our new Rabbits class - September 2020

Christmas Jumper Day

Today we had a Christmas jumper day, we made party hats and enjoyed a Christmas dinner.


We have been learning how to make pop-poms and have made some into Christmas decorations.


The year 2's made Christingles ready for our Christmas service.

Green sticks and leaves are no use for making fires so what can you use them for? Crowns, bughouses,bracelets,necklaces and magic wands.

We have been learning about fire.You need fuel,air and heat to make a fire. We have also been learning about how to keep safe around a bonfire.

Making mini dens for minibeasts.

As part of Forest School we have been making dens and people out of sticks and leaves.

Making masks and bug hotels

As part of this terms topic the Rabbits class have enjoyed using natural materials to make masks and bug hotels.

We looked for mini beasts this afternoon and were lucky to find two Tussock Moth caterpillars along with the usual worms,snails and woodlice. There are also still some frogs in the pond and in the woodpile.

This afternoon we enjoyed making bracelets and animals with leaves and conkers.We also did some pond dipping and were surprised to find a tadpole with two back legs- we usually only find them in the spring.

In Forest school this week we estimated the age of our Horse Chestnut tree . We used our hands and then multiplied by 5. 22 x 5 =110 years!

The Rabbits class enjoyed their afternoon of Forest school looking at different types of seeds and how they are dispersed.




The year 1 and 2's have been learning about Poland.Some of our children brought in Polish books and costumes for their classmates to look at. They were able to ask lots of questions and also made a delicious Polish cake.

The Rabbits class enjoyed a lovely sunny morning for their Forest School this week. There was still some ice about but they also found lots of signs of Spring. They also collected twigs to make wind chimes.

It was a very chilly morning for the Rabbits' Forest School . We found that ice had formed in some of the pots forming little ice bowls. We also had a look to see if any of our seeds had grown and built some dens..

As part of this term's topic we have been learning to paint with watercolours. Today we have all painted a background for a winter landscape scene.

In PE the Rabbits class have been enjoying learning some new skills to use in tennis.

We loved wearing our Christmas jumpers ready for our Christmas lunch.

We hope you all enjoyed our Christmas play "An out of this world Christmas".

In Forest school on Friday we planted some spring bulbs. It was so muddy! We also learned how to make a shelter from tarpaulins and sticks .

As part of this terms topic we designed our own rockets and made them out of junk.

Forest School - The Rabbits Class collected fallen leaves and made some patterns but squashing them on to paper.

The Rabbits class enjoyed a morning of Forest school on Friday. They built dens and animal habitats, and had fun looking for autumn seeds and fruits. They also found frogs and minibeasts.

The Rabbits class enjoyed spotting the different types of trees which grow in the school grounds.

Forest School - The Rabbits class enjoyed the morning clearing some planting beds and finding minibeasts. They even spotted a tiny frog in the pond.

The children enjoyed a visit from Jonathan's Jungle Roadshow and loved holding some of the animals.