School Council Meeting – 8th Feb 2017

Autumn, Oisin, Archie, Lexie, Tenniqka, Lola, Lewis, Alfie

Mr Higgins, our new school governor visited today to see the school in action. He looked around with Mrs Hodkinson then he met with the school council to find out more about what they do.

Tenniqka chaired the meeting today. She asked each school councillor to introduce themselves and say which class they were in.

Then Mr Higgins explained that he is Lexie’s dad and that he has joined the school governors to help make the school the best it can be. He asked the school council some questions;

“What is it like to be on the school council?” Lola answered “Really good, we can make the school better”

“What’s the best thing about school?”    Joshua said “Maths and playing” “You can learn and get better”

“Is there anything you would change?” Lexie said “Take away the ugly books and get some new ones” “We should have new curtains in the hall because they are a bit ripped”. Lola said “Make people more careful with new toys” Oisin said “Have more room in the classrooms and more sports in school like gymnastics”

Autumn said “Change some equipment and get PE equipment for Reception”

At the end of the meeting Mrs Hodkinson thanked everyone for coming and Tenniqka for taking charge of the meeting. There were some really good ideas.

We will meet again next month.