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Year group: Year 2  Teacher: Miss Jarvis

Welcome from our new Squirrels class -September 2020

Christmas Jumper Day

Today was our Christmas jumper day, we made party hats and enjoyed our Christmas dinner.


As part our topic we have been learning how to make pom-poms. We have turned them into Christmas decorations .


The year 2's made Christingles  ready for our Christmas Service.

We enjoyed collecting lots of fallen leaves and made people and a huge spiral out of them.

We have been identifying mini-beasts and looking at different leaves and finding out what type of tree they belong to .

We have been having a great time in Forest school.They have been finding frogs,exploring the pond area and making bracelets and animals out of the conkers and leaves they have found.




The year 1 and 2's have been learning about Poland.Some of our children brought in Polish books and costumes for their classmates to look out.They were able to ask lots of questions and also made a delicious Polish cake.

Squirrels class searched the grounds for fallen twigs and sticks following the stormy weather we've had ! They collected sticks of a similar size and tied them with string to make wind chimes.Tying the knots was a tricky job!

It's been a busy start to 2020 for the Squirrels class.Year 2s have been using tens and ones to add and subtract two 2 digit numbers. They also made 3d shapes from a variety of construction materials.During their Forest school session the children enjoyed watching things grow and making pictures from natural material . We had an exciting start to the week with a theatre production of The Snow Queen from the Flying Pizza Theatre Company.

We loved wearing our Christmas jumpers ready for Christmas lunch.

Squirrels enjoyed the Maths challenge of making as many different Gnome Homes as possible using only 5 multilink cubes for each home.

In Forest School this week ,Squirrels were looking for different coloured leaves.We found lots of different colours and we used them to make a piece of Leaf Art.We also enjoyed searching for mini-beasts but we always make sure they go back to where we found them.

The Squirrels Class enjoyed looking for conkers and observing the changes in the trees since the last forest school.They also built bug houses,caught frogs and had an interesting discussion about what happens to leaves after they fall from the trees.

More Forest School Photos.