Make do and mend – Pom-Poms

As part of this terms topic Make Do and Mend,the Year 2’s have been making Pom-Poms out of scraps of wool and old cardboard boxes. We are all going to use our finished Pom-Poms to make a monster and any extra ones will be made into a rug for our classroom. ┬áPom

Rabbits Forest School – November

In Forest School we learned how to make a camp fire. We talked about what we needed to make our fire and how to stay safe once it was lit. Here are a few photographs of us making our fire.Please see our Forest School Book in the classroom for more.

Newsletter: November 2017

Fire Safety – Year 2

The Education Advisor from Dorset and Wiltshire Fire Safety Service came to visit the us today. She taught us about fire safety in the home,how to make an emergency call and how to Stop ,Drop and Roll if our clothing is on fire. Some of us dressed up in a Firefighters uniform.The helmet was very heavy.

Making Soup

On Monday morning we made Carrot and Coriander Soup from the vegetables we grew and harvested at school. On Tuesday morning we made bread rolls to go with our soup. Then on Tuesday afternoon we enjoyed eating the soup and rolls. It was a thumbs up from most of the children. The recipe for the Soup and Rolls will be available for you to

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Open Day

Some members of the School Council helped to show visitors around on the Open Day. They answered questions about the school and took their responsibilities seriously.


Robins Forest School Term 1


Cornflour Goo