Pirate Ships

The Squirrels class enjoyed an afternoon of pirate ship building using junk.

Pirate Visit

Today a pirate visited our school. He told all about life aboard a pirate ship,what pirates wore and how to use a cutlass.

Pirate dressing Up Day

The Rabbits class had fun dressing up as pirates today.

Pirate Dressing Up Day

The children in the Squirrels class enjoyed dressing up as pirates today.

Reception Forest School Trip

The Hedgehogs and Owls had a lovely time in the woods. We dug for worms and painted pictures with mud.We looked for different colours and made pictures by drawing with flowers and grass.We also made perfume and hammered flowers and leaves to make prints on fabric.

Sports day – Reception Classes

The Reception Classes enjoyed a great afternoon of sports today. All the children took part in running,egg and spoon,obstacle and dressing up races. They also had a go at a throwing a bean bag.  

Sports Day – Year’s 1 and 2

The Year’s 1 and 2 enjoyed an exciting morning of sport today. They all took part in a running ,egg and spoon,balancing,obstacle and dressing up race.

Newsletter: July 2019

Year 2 Forest School Trip

We had a wonderful day in Warneage Woods in Wanborough. We learned that the woods are owned by the Woodland Trust and so houses can never be built there.It provides lots of different habitats for mini beasts,birds and mammals. We enjoyed catching and identifying mini beasts in the meadow using large nets and also building dens in the woodland. There was even time for

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Wax Resist Painting

The Rabbits and Squirrels classes enjoyed the afternoon painting some undersea wax resist pictures. They first drew and coloured in their sea creatures using wax crayons and then painted over the top.The paint won’t stick to the wax!