Identifying Plants

The Rabbits’ class have been finding out which plants grow wild around the school site.

Making Bubbles

The Rabbits class have been experimenting with different shape bubble blowers to see if it makes any difference to the shape of the bubbles they made .Ask them what happened.

Science week

The Rabbits class have been doing some science investigations. They tried to answer these questions: Can you inflate a balloon without blowing into it? and What happens when you mix water,syrup and oil in a glass and then add different objects? Ask the children what they discovered.The following photos may give you some clues.

Owls Class 2017/18

Hello and welcome from the new Owls class.  

Rabbits Class 2017/18

      Hello and welcome from the new Rabbits class.

Squirrels Class 2017/18

Hello and welcome from the new Squirrels class.

Newsletter: September 2017

School displays

The children have enjoyed our topics this year and have produced some great work. Here are some of this years displays from around the school.

Rabbits Forest School – July

The Rabbits class enjoyed their last Forest school with Miss Mulcock. They inspected the seeds they had planted in the Spring and found a variety of vegetables and flowers had grown well in the raised beds.The water level in the pond had dropped because of the hot weather,so they helped to fill it from their own pond made from logs and a tarpaulin.They found

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Newsletter: July 2017