Newsletter: May 2018

Rabbits – May Forest School

This week in Forest School we had lots of earth to move to fill our planters ready to plant seeds. We also had fun building dens and making nests out of grass and flowers.We also used our reference books to identify the different mini-beasts and birds we saw in the school grounds.We were lucky enough to see a woodpecker jumping around on the Hawthorn

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We made sandwiches with our partners this week.We learnt all about sharing and cutting it in half so we both had the same ,so it was fair . We enjoyed eating our sandwiches after for snack!  


On Monday we had forest school with Mrs.Murray. We collected lots of materials around the playground and made nests for the birds.  

Ducklings in Woodpeckers Class

We enjoyed having the ducklings in our class. They were tricky to hold but most of us enjoyed having a cuddle.


Last week we were really excited when some duck eggs were brought to to school in an incubator. Four of the eggs hatched,it was real struggle for the baby ducklings to push themselves out of their eggs and they had to have lots of rests. This week they are in a cage which has a special heater which they go under when they are

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Henri Rousseau Painting

In year 2 we have been looking at paintings by Henri Rousseau. We recreated ‘Tiger in a Tropical Storm’. In pairs we drew and painted a piece of the painting and then we put the pieces together to form the picture.

Newsletter: April 2018

Woodpeckers -March Forest School

We did forest school with Mrs. Murray. We had lots of fun making bird feeders and going on a spring walk.We hung the feeders around the school;have you seen them on the trees around the field?

Easter Cards – Owls

The Owls class did Still Life Paintings of Daffodils for their Easter cards.