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The Intent, Implementation and Impact of our curriculum.


Our school intends to develop pupils who are confident communicators, able to articulate thoughts, feelings and ideas. They are critical and creative thinkers and we support them to take risks and embrace new challenges. We pride ourselves on being inclusive and we want all our children to love school.


Our school implements its curriculum by introducing our children to inspiring and exciting experiences. We give them opportunities for exploration and independent learning whilst promoting inclusivity, celebrating diversity and challenging inequality. Our curriculum is guided by the children’s curiosity and builds upon prior knowledge. It is influenced by the local area, its community and its history. 


The impact of this is that children leave our school as well-rounded, respectful citizens who make a positive contribution to the world we live in. They are confident learners who have a secure foundation and are ready and able to tackle the challenges in the next steps of their lives.


Our school values of Kindness, Resilience, Fairness, Respect, Co-operation and Understanding underpin all that we do.


To find out more about our curriculum offer, please talk to a member of staff or follow the links to subject areas below.

The Colebrook 30

The Colebrook 30 are our bespoke activities and experiences that enhance our children's curriculum learning. Each experience has been carefully chosen to enrich our pupils' social, moral, spiritual and cultural education.



For more detailed information on what the children are learning throughout the school year, please go to our Class Pages.