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You said, we did...

We take the views of parents very seriously at Colebrook Infant Academy and we encourage discussion about ways in which we further improve our school.

We gather feedback from parents during regular workshops, coffee mornings, surveys and at parents' evening.

Please see below as to how we have actioned some of your useful suggestions.


You said…

We did...

School to raise awareness of diversity and inclusion on a regular basis

We carried out an audit of our school books and created wish lists of new books for our classrooms and library. We used funds raised by the Friends of Colebrook to buy lots of high quality books, many of which include themes of diversity and inclusion. We have also included EDI in our school development plan. This will be a focus when we review our curriculum this year. 

More opportunities for parents to come into school to see children’s work and the classroom environment.

We have introduced 'Stay and Share' sessions at the end of each term to allow children to share their books and learning environments with parents and carers. We have also held workshops for phonics and maths this academic year, where parents have been invited into school to watch a lesson being taught to their children. These events have been popular and well-received.

More fundraising events for the school

The Colebrook Friends have been very busy over the last few months and have been instrumental in raising funds for our new school library. There are many events scheduled to take place between now and the end of the summer term. Please keep a look out for more information in our school pings to you.

More educational trips

We have resumed our educational trips this year and as we continue to develop our curriculum, we will be looking at how we can include more hands on experiences for children to support their learning. Our Colebrook 30 contains lots of interesting experiences for the children. 

More clubs available

We now provide six after school activities over the week and we are always looking for more opportunities. We would welcome parents who have a skill to share who would be willing to run a club for our children. Please do get in touch if would like to talk to us about running a club.

The September staggered start was too long

We reduced the length of our induction for EYFS children in September 2022 and we will be reducing it again for September 2023. 

                                                                      As at May 2023