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At Colebrook Infant Academy we intend to instil in children a positive relationship with physical activity as well as to build the basic skills necessary to successfully participate in sports ay all levels later in their education and life. As part of the delivery of an inclusive, engaging and fun curriculum, we incorporate personal, social and emotional skills to help children to improve their confidence, drive for challenge and sportsmanship. We deliver lessons that have as strong focus on the fundamental skills which they then apply to a range of activities that enable children to explore movement, challenge themselves and engage in a variety of sports.



Across all year groups, the curriculum is delivered via the Real PE scheme of work, which focuses on the development of agility, balance and coordination, healthy competition, and cooperative learning.  These fundamental skills are developed progressively, using clear steps that children can understand and use to challenge themselves and move on with their own learning, succeeding at their own pace.  Real PE sessions are underpinned by six key areas or ‘cogs’ which make close links with the PSHE curriculum; personal, social, physical, cognitive, creative and health and fitness.  The development of these areas allow children make progress in many areas of their education and life, beyond PE and sport. 

In the Early Years Foundation Stage 2 children participate in engaging daily activity activities that focus on fine and gross motor development.  Whole class dance engages children’s sense of rhythm and movement, improving control and coordination.  As part of their outdoor provision, children have regular access to bikes, trikes and scooters, the use of which help to develop children’s limb and core strength.

In the Summer term, children use and apply their learned skills to track and athletic sports involving running, jumping and throwing.  Initially these are practised in a class competition environment, before all children participate in a School Sports Day.  Individuals compete with others from their year group, supported by an audience of parents and family. Children are respectful to all participants and all efforts are rewarded.

A routine part of PE lessons is the discussion of the effects of exercise on our bodies.  Children are encouraged to feel their increased pulse and breathing rate and talk about the importance of exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle.  All classes build in opportunities for short bursts of exercise throughout the day, helping children to maintain increased activity levels. 



Children at Colebrook enjoy PE sessions: high levels of engagement as well as a child-centred approach mean that all are able to make good progress. By the end of year 2, children have developed an understanding of the importance of maintaining high levels of physical fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle, which is achieved by eating sensibly and enjoying exercise regularly.