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What have we been learning in Term 5?

We have been taking a journey down the River Thames from its start, in Kemble, all the way to its end. We looked closely at the key features and had a go at creating our own.  

In Forest School, we have been exploring our school pond. We found lots of interesting wildlife! 
We have also been investigating if objects float or sink. 

In our school garden, we have started to plant lots of delicious fruit and vegetables. We are looking forward to seeing how they grow and most importantly... taste! 

We have been set a challenge to design and make a boat that will carry a cargo of blocks without sinking. In preparation, we have been investigating which materials float or sink.   

Bristol Aquarium Trip

We took a journey under the sea and explored a range of aquatic animals. We really enjoyed visiting the UK coastline area and loved seeing the catsharks and crayfishes. Did you know that a 'smack' is a group of jellyfish? 



In the Learning Lab, we learnt all about sharks. We found out that sharks lay eggs and don't look after their young once they are hatched.


As a year group, we loved seeing the Blue tang. Do you know the Blue tang that is really famous? 

Although she seemed friendly in the movie, we were surprised to find out that she is quite mean in real life.



In DT, we designed and created boats. Our boats had to carry a cargo of four blocks without sinking. We started our project by exploring the question 'Will this material float or sink?' and used our findings to create suitable boat designs. When building our designs, we used previously learnt techniques to make sure they were built strong. 

In Forest School, we have been exploring how to dye clothes. We learnt that you can use natural materials such as red cabbage, spinach, beetroot and onion skins to add colour to materials. We had a go ourselves and we particularly enjoyed seeing the wool change colour in front of our eyes. 


This week, we learnt how to weave and created beautiful woodland eyes. We found this a little tricky but we demonstrated our resilience and never gave up!  

When it rained, we dropped powder paint into puddles. We observed what happened when the different coloured paints mixed. Both classes particularly enjoyed creating a rainbow river which stretched across the playground!