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What have we been learning Term 1?

Maths - We have been revising our number bonds to 10 this week using games, Numicon, cubes and our fingers.

Squirrels Forest School & Art - In Forest School we have been doing some observational sketching of natural things. So we went exploring and found all sorts of items with unusual shapes and interesting textures.

Ukulele - We've been working hard to play our ukuleles with Dan. He's taught us the names of the parts of a ukulele and we're starting to learn the chords.

Squirrels D&T and History - In history we have been learning about explorers. We found out about Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon. So in D&T we designed and built a rocket. We had to make it strong and stable.

Forest School & Science - During Forest School we've been looking at habitats. We took some toy animals outside and made some habitats for them to live in.