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We believe that homework builds a link between home and school, with teachers and parents working together to move children’s learning forward. Homework develops skills of independent learning and curiosity and contributes significantly to our children’s rate of progress. Homework extends learning beyond the classroom and helps to develop research skills and open up areas of new interest. We expect parents to take an active role, particularly in developing and practising basic skills.


EYFS - Reception

Book bags are taken home every day and with a book (initially wordless) that should be shared with a parent at least 5 times a week. The book will be changed after it has been shared multiple times and the child is ready to progress. We would also strongly encourage parents to read bedtime stories and to share nursery rhymes and poems with their child.

Letter and number formation booklets will later be introduced and updated regularly with new sounds and numbers. Children should use these with parental support to practise recognising and writing the sounds and numbers they have learnt in school. As they progress with their reading, a key words book will be sent home for children to practise recognising and reading words by sight.

We expect EYFS children to be spending around 10 minutes each night on their homework. This includes reading activities.


Key Stage 1

Book bags are taken home every day and children should be reading daily with an adult. Parents and carers are encouraged to comment in their child’s reading record book each time they have read with their child.

Other activities will include spellings, which will be set every week and maths activities when appropriate. The children may also be asked to undertake a small project which links to the topic being taught in school.

Parents will be informed of the Year 1 and Year 2 spelling schedules at the beginning of each academic year. A list of the Common Exception Words for Years 1 and 2 can be found on this page.

We expect KS1 children to be spending around 20 minutes each night on their homework. This includes reading activities.



All parents and carers will be encouraged to support their children by:

  • Providing a suitable place in which children can do their homework
  • Explaining the value of homework and how it can help learning
  • Praise the children when they complete their homework