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Mavis, our School Learning Dog

Mavis was born on May 15th 2017. She is a fox-red Labrador and has the perfect temperament for working alongside children. She is gentle, calm and patient and loves to have her ears stroked.

Mavis is our School Learning Dog and is currently in school on Fridays only. She listens to children read, she provides a sympathetic ear and enjoys joining in with our Young Carers group.

Research shows that School Learning Dogs can benefit children in many ways. The benefits include:

  • improving motivation
  • improving outcomes of reading and writing
  • improving confidence
  • soothing anxious children
  • developing social skills
  • promoting empathy
  • improving school attendance and
  • encouraging the expression of feelings.

The children have learnt that they need to be quiet, calm and gentle around Mavis. They are also aware that they need to make sure all rubbish goes in the bin, especially in the playground, in order to keep Mavis safe - Labradors will eat anything!