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School Vision and Values

Colebrook Infant Academy​

Our School Vision

We want our children to be happy, confident, well-rounded individuals who show kindness, compassion and respect to all in their journey to be the best they can be. ​


We are a nurturing community where children are cherished and all individuals are valued and supported to be the very best version of themselves.​

We are a small, inclusive infant school where everyone feels safe to explore, learn and flourish. Our dedicated team ensure our children leave us with a secure foundation for a lifelong love of learning.​

Our school values

Kindness - thinking about how our actions will impact others. We should use positive words, thoughts and actions which show we care about others.

Resilience –  knowing that we might not get it right first time but being willing to have another go. To know that we learn from our mistakes, challenges and difficult situations.

Fairness – knowing how to share and take turns. Recognising that people may have different needs in order to achieve.

Co-operation – working together as part of a team and listening to the thoughts and opinions of others.

Respect –displaying good manners to all.

Understanding – celebrating individuality and difference and recognising the feelings of others.