Newsletter: October 2018

Rabbits Forest School – October

We went looking for mini-beasts and other animals in our school grounds. We then thought about the habitats they would live in and built different homes thinking about each animals needs.

Year 1 Maths

Did you come and watch the start of our Year 1 Maths lesson last Wednesday? If so,here is what we did after you left. Some of us used Numicon(the visual, coloured teaching resource)to create pairs of numbers that make 10.We then wrote down the corresponding number sentence.Some of us created number sentences for pairs to 10 by picking up digit cards and working out

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Welcome from the Owls Class

Welcome from the Hedgehogs Class

Welcome from the Robins Class

Identifying Trees

In Year 2 we have been out in the school grounds trying to identify the different trees by looking at their leaves.

Forest School

We have been looking for mini beasts around the school grounds and trying to find out what type of habitat they live in.

Newsletter: September 2018

Inflating Balloons

In Science in Year 2 we were asked the question: How can you inflate a balloon without blowing into it? We tried water , but it just filled the balloon. We tried vinegar and bicarbonate of soda together and the balloon inflates because they produce a gas.